2019 Elections India Predictions: Not that Tough to Crack for BJP


The 2014 elections were a cakewalk for the BJP government. The Modi Charm as was it called worked throughout the nation which was tired of the Congress government’s inability to make decisions, lack of decent governing, and the innumerable scams that came. However, it seems like it would not last long and the 2019 Elections are going to be tough for the Modi Government to be on the throne again.

2019 elections predictions

The prime reason for that may be the many failed policies the government has introduced. Demonetization- the biggest of them all was a death blow to the BJP government and the knowledge of its ineffectiveness is slowly beginning to seep into a larger sect of the population. This along with the factors like Modi’s silence on many of the cultural clashes that have been happening over the last years, failure in the generation of Employment, etc., can also be speed bumps for the BJP government in the 2019 elections.

On the other hand, the lack of strong opposition can be vital for their campaigning. Even though the existing parties can form an alliance against the ruling party but that move can only work if the Prime Ministerial candidate is someone other than Rahul Gandhi which given the circumstances isn’t pragmatic. Moreover, most of North and North East India which is currently under the rule of BJP is fully supportive of the party. Other than in Andhra Pradesh which has rescinded his support to BJP recently, BJP might be able to penetrate into the states like Odisha, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal in 2019 giving it a fair amount of strength over Indian National Congress.

Looking at the recent polls, more than 70% of the voters are willing to vote for BJP in the upcoming elections. Despite the fact that Modi government hasn’t fulfilled any of the promises it made in 2014 and that the policies introduced by it caused a dip in the GDP and Employment rate, a majority of people are still in support of Modi. It would be a miracle to see if that changes before the 2019 elections. But if the present situation progresses as it is, Election predictions aren’t going to be that hard and with a small fight, BJP might be on the throne again.