7 reasons why Bal Thackeray was the Badshah of Mumbai


The cartoonist turned Sarkar, Bal Thackeray was the Badshah (King) of Mumbai until his death in 2012. He rose as an unchallenged politician who was powerful, confident, fearless yet extremely controversial who ran and controlled Mumbai fearlessly. His political party was called Shiv Sena which had a great influence over other political parties, leaders and government officials of that era.

Bal Thackeray was a passionate cartoonist who started working at the Free Press journal of India as his first job back in the 1960s. Later on, he became a very renowned journalist and came to be known as most straightforward yet dreaded critics of all times.


Listed below are seven reasons which made him the Tiger or the Badshah of Mumbai:

1)  Bal Thackeray was fearless. He was known for being angry, egoistic and was famous for making offensive comments against everyone. He exposed many high ranked officials, Chief Ministers, and even the Government officials and would boldly accept the controversial statements made by him.

2) He fought for the creation of the separate linguistic state of Maharashtra. He was the son of Keshav Sitaram Thackeray who is one of the leading figures of Samyukta (United) Maharashtra movement.

3) He was a born leader, a man of his words. People followed him, as they knew that as long as Bal Thackeray was with them and on their side, he would never step back from his words. He would maintain close ties with his own people and supported his workers and members with full faith and honesty.

4) His work for industrialists and businessmen in Mumbai especially was admired and much supported. He facilitated and made way for more business centers within Mumbai and ensured the economy is stable.

5) Bal Thackeray, not only had influence over the politicians and leaders, his power also worked in Hindi Cinema. Biggest names and most well-known directors and producers in the industry use to seek guidance from him and asked for permissions.

6) He was the Tiger of Mumbai and some people obeyed him and considered him as Badshah out of respect and some out of fear. He was anti-Muslim, who repeatedly gave controversial statements against Muslims dividing them from Hindus. He openly used to admire Adolf Hitler. He even openly declared that there should be suicide bombers among Hindus.

7) He had unparalleled confidence and at several times had given bold decisions regarding political matters which others might take a long time to materialize.

Bal Thackeray, also known as the “Balasaheb” – The emperor of Hindu hearts, remained popular amongst his supporters for a very long period of time. He was a beacon for the people of Mumbai and Marathis and made a lot of contribution towards politics. He died in 2012 as a result of a cardiac

arrest. Mumbai came to a halt after his death and it took some time for the followers of Bal Thackeray to commence the routine operations.