A Brief Look Into Life of Y S Janganmohan Reddy


He is an Indian politician and the founder of YSR Congress Party. He is the official leader of opposition in the legislative assembly of Andhra Pradesh. He is the son of Y. S Rajasekhara Reddy, the former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Y S jagan History

Personal Life

Yeduguri Sanditi Jaganmohan Reddy was born on 21st December 1972 in Pulivendula village, Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. His spouse is Y. S Bharathi and they have two children. He has one sister who is also a politician. Reddy founded and owns Sakshi TV and newspaper. Both news sources use the Telugu language. Reddy is also the chief promoter of Bharathi cement. He is a Protestant Christian in faith.

Political Career

S Reddy was born in a family of politicians. His father was the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. Upon his death, his son’s political route took a different turn. He started a condolence tour, Odarpu yatra. His mission was to console the families affected by his father’s death. However, when his Congress Party requested him to stop the yatra at some point, he refused. The refusal brought a fall out with the party resulting to him leaving the party. He resigned on November 2010 and in March 2011, he announced the formation of a new party. The new party went into polls and won Kadapa constituency with a landslide. From May 2014, Y. S Reddy has been a member of the legislative assembly for Pulivendula.

During Telangana Struggle

Reddy has once had Central Bureau of Investigation charge him with embezzlement and jail him for 16 months. While in the prison, United Progressive Alliance decided to endorse the creation of a separate Telangana. As the only way, Reddy went on hunger strike. He was joined by his mother, Vijayamma of on hunger strike. His indefinite strike reached 125 hours. At this point, he couldn’t go any further. His blood pressure and sugar levels went far down. He was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

S Reddy is a real face of Indian politics. He is a real force to reckon with and a political giant in Andhra Pradesh.