A brief Note on Pawan Kalayan’s Political Journey


Konidela Kalyan Babu also known as Pawan Kalyan as a stage name is an Indian producer, director, actor, writer, screenwriter of films and recently has been famous in politics. Pawan Kalyan has predominantly been carrying out all his filming work at Telugu cinema before turning to politics. Pawan Kalyan has filmed movies like Suswagatam, Gabbar Singh, Gokulamlo Seetha, among others and has featured in top 100 Celebrities of all times in a couple of years.

Pawan Kalyan politician journey began in March 2014, by forming Jana Sena Party and wrote a book entitled Ism based on the political party’s ideology. This led to him being ranked as the most searched and famous Indian celebrity politician by Google. This granted Pawan Kalyan some great opportunities like the invitation for Harvard University in Boston speech delivery during the 2017 Indian edition ( 14th edition) Conference and also first South India to support the campaign of giant Pepsi (popular soft-drink).

Pawan Kalyan Politician

His meeting with Narendra Modi who was a BJP candidate to discuss his extended support and Telugu states concerns made him extensively campaign for both BJP and Telugu Desam Party in Telangana and Andhra. During his campaign and rallies, he faced much opposition which resulted to him announcing his plans to make politics a full-time job, and previously having declared that his party (Jana Sena) will take part in the coming 2019 general elections which took place in Andhra Pradesh. Saying that he will capture power in 2019 may be premature since his Jana Sena Party doesn’t have a grassroots network which challenges him the most.

In early 2017 he accepted to serve as an ambassador of a brand of handloom weavers in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Later in August, JEEVAN DAAN requested him to be brand ambassador which was a started initiative for the donation of organs by Andhra government. Pawan Kalyan balancing of his filming work and politics has been a challenging road to success.