AAP and Congress Muscle Up Against BJP for Delhi Lok Sabha Elections


Delhi Lok Sabha Elections are scheduled for May 12. As the day nears, political parties are making alliances. Delhi is predominantly a BJP stronghold. In the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, BJP scooped all the elective positions. In Haryana, BJP got 8 out the 10 positions. Congress and AAP parties do not want this repeated. As a result, Congress has teamed up with AAP. The alliance is meant to consolidate all the votes that are anti-BJP.

Delhi Lok Sabha Elections 2019

To make true their threat to BJP, the two rival parties have agreed on a three-point plan. To prepare the ground, PC Chacko met Sanjay Singh who is AAP’s Rajya Sabha MP. To amend and seal the agreement, the Congress party intends to meet Rahul Gandhi twice before making the official announcement.

The current formula which awaits Rahul Gandhi’s approval is anchored on three points.

First, the Congress party to include AAP’s lead point in its manifesto. AAP is campaigning for full statehood of Delhi. Congress has to amend its manifesto to include this. According to Gopal Rai, there will be no alliance without this included in the Congress manifesto.

Secondly, the alliance is based on give and take basis. AAP will cede the same number of seats in Delhi in the measure that Congress uses in Haryana.

Lastly, no alliance for Punjab. Since BJP is considered a weak party in Punjab, AAP and Congress will face each other. Currently, AAP holds 4 out the 13 seats in Punjab.

There is a very high likelihood that BJP will have a landslide win again. Unless the alliance is formidable, BJP’s win is clear. Currently, Congress president Sheila Dixit insists on no alliance with AAP. The president’s focus is on 2020 assembly elections. With this division, BJP will win again. As AAP works on its manifesto before April 25, Lok Sabha Elections updates will keep coming out. Remember that you can follow Delhi elections 2019 and all elections news live on your news channels through YuppTV.