Everything You Need to Know about Arunachal Pradesh’s Chief Minister Pema Khandu


Pema Khandu, the present Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh was elected in 2016. Since becoming the Chief Minister, he and his government had changed the party twice, initially from Indian National Congress to Peoples Party of Arunachal and finally to the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Pema Khandu, the eldest son of former Chief Minister, Dorjee Khandu was born on 21st August 1979 in Tawang district in Arunachal Pradesh. He had done his graduation from Hindu College, Delhi University. He was the youngest minister in the cabinet and his political life catapulted post the death of his father. At the initial stages, he served as the Cabinet Minister for Water resource development and tourism. Soon after his graduation, Khandu became a secretary of the Arunachal Congress Committee in 2005. He took the oath as the Chief Minister of the state at the age of 37 years. Political Career Following his father’s death, Khandu became a part of the political government in Arunachal Pradesh.

He got elected as the water resource development and tourism minister. Khandu became a secretary to the Arunachal Pradesh Congress committee in 2005 and was elected by legislature party leader in 2016. In the same year 2016, he left Indian national congress party and joined Peoples party of Arunachal. In the month of December 2016, he was suspended from the party and Takam Pario was expected to be the next chief minister of the state. He took the decision to join BJP and then the parties power increased to two times. Though Pema Khandu is still the chief minister, it is soon expected that either the collision government will be formed with BJP as the speaker of the assembly has also changed sides with the CM, or the Indian Government will dissolve the state assembly for a fresh general election.

From the latest happenings, Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Elections, 2019 Election News, it is expected a rapid shift. There will be a lot of happenings expected in 2019 assembly result. Arunachal Pradesh will have two constituencies n 2019 elections. None of them is reserved seats. To know more about the latest happenings, stay tuned!!!