Here’s What You Need To Know About Pawan Kumar Chamling, Chief Minister of Sikkim


Pawan Kumar Chamling was born in 1950 in South Sikkim and is the longest-serving Chief Minister in all of the Indian States after they got its independence. He is an awarded Nepali writer, but he will most be remembered for his political career.

Chamling started his career in politics at the age of 32 by becoming the president of Yangang Gram Panchayat in 1982, was elected to Sikkim Legislative Assembly in 1985, and became Minister for Industries, Information and Public Relations from 1989 to 1992, but founding the Sikkim Democratic Front in 1993 was the crucial point in his political career.

Only the second chief minister in India to win five terms in a row (1994, 1999, 2004, 2009, and 2014), and the first one when it comes to days of service, Chamling is a highly appreciated and popular politician. The proof of his popularity is the fact that in 2009 SDF won all the assembly seats in the legislative assembly election. In 2014, they won 22 out of 32 seats, but after some of the opposition joined his party, that number went up to 28 out of 32. It comes as no surprise that everyone is expecting the same success in Sikkim elections in 2019.

It is no wonder for such a man to be loved and respected by his people due to the fact that he has done a lot for Sikkim in these five terms. He has taken care of implementing organic farming in the entire state, so Sikkim became first and the only state in India to do so. He shared a post on Facebook when he went past the Jyoti Basu’s record as the longest-serving chief minister which explained why people believed in him so much, and that it’s because he worked relentlessly for his state and his people, even if it meant putting his own personal commitments on hold.

2019 Sikkim elections are highly anticipated due to Sikkim Nationalist People’s Party’s announcement of their intention to take part in the elections. Sikkim 2019 assembly news talk about their promises and concerns for the state, but people don’t seem bothered by such news.

The Chief Minister and the president of the Sikkim Handicapped persons Welfare Mission, Pawan Kumar Chamling, have had very fruitful years in the Office, and he has every right to expect the same in his remaining time on the duty.