All you need to know about Jana Sena Party


We all know Pawan Kalyan as this charming hero who has given back to back hits in the world of Cinema. Well, not all the film stars are able to make a career in the Politics.

Details About The Party

Breaking such opinions, Actor Pawan Kalyan started a regional party named “Jana Sena” and that one received support from all over the nation. This Jana Sena party, initiated on 10th of March 2014, was announced four days after applying for the registration. Jana Sena translates to the People’s Army in Telugu. With roots in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the party has its presence in the regions of Karnataka, Odisha, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu. The party is now all set to compete in the 2019 elections.

In the 2014 elections, Jana Sena party conducted a campaign for the BJP as well as the United Front of Telugu Desam jointly and definitely drew much attention from all over the state. The party has a powerful emblem that denotes how the combination of forces will define the life and struggle of our nation.

about jana sena party

Recent News – 2019 Elections

Recently in May, the Actor-turned-Politician Pawan Kalyan announced that his party will be contesting for all the 175 Andhra Pradesh- Assembly seats in the upcoming election. As this announcement comes as a bit of surprise, analysts say that the party will not join hands with BJP or TDP this time. The President of the Party is currently campaigning for the 2019 elections.

USP of Jana Sena Party

After the 2014 elections, the party laid emphasis on the problems that the handloom weavers are facing, the Uddhanam Chronic-Kidney Disease issue, privatization, the College Admission issue in Fathima College, land acquisition issue and many more.

Especially, the Chronic Kidney Disease issue wasn’t paid enough attention to by the ruling party and the Central Government as well. However, this party brought it to light. Likewise, a lot of other issues to which the party paid attention to, helped them earn people’s trust, thereby, making them quite popular.

In this party, the popularity of the actor has been rightly used to emphasize the party values. Further, the party members are addressing the critical public issues in a timely manner, which adds to the values.