All You Need to Know About Telugu Desam Party


Telugu Desam Party, also known as TDP, was founded by Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (NTR) on 29 March 1982. He was the director and celebrated star of Telugu films in Andhra Pradesh but as soon as he turned 60, he decided to serve his rest of the life for community goods and thus formed TDP. The party motto was to care for the rights of Telugu people, especially for backward castes and farmers. It was built with the assistance of Ramoji Rao who was the owner of Eenadu-the best newspaper in the state and Congress dissident Kotla Bhaskara Rao. The party got an immense support among the people of Andhra Pradesh, owing to the active participation in national politics and holding up against the flagrant corruption of Congress.

tdp history

Prolific presence in Indian politics    

Telugu Desam Party marked its presence in Indian politics in a very historic way as it is one of the very few parties who rose to the occasion and came to power just within nine months of its foundation. It won the majority of the votes in Andhra Pradesh assembly elections (1983), winning 201 seats out of 294 and formed the first ever non-Congress government in Andhra Pradesh. NTR assumed the office of the Chief Minister. In the 8th ­Lok Sabha (1984), it became the first Indian regional party to have formed the opposition. However, Congress formed the government due to Indira Gandhi assassination, but it still managed to win 30 seats in comparison of BJP which won only 2 seats.

Initial complexities and political alliances  

It was extremely difficult for TDP in the early days of government. NTR was removed by the governor Ramlal as Chief Minister while he was in the US for heart surgery. However, he returned in his second tenure as chief minister in 1985 until TDP was hit by anti-incumbency in 1989 and thus formed the coalition with anti-Congress parties. In 1996, NTR died and the TDP control was handed over to his wife, Parvathi. In 2004 assembly elections, TDP made an alliance with BJP and collectively won 49 seats but in 2009 assembly elections, it allied itself with Telangana Rashtra Samithi party and won 102 seats collectively but failed to beat Congress. It won 16 seats in 16th Lok Sabha elections in 2014. In state assembly elections in 2014, it again set ties with BJP, won a majority of 106 seats and thus, Naidu again became the state Chief Minister.