Amit Shah Biography – Indian Politician


Amit Shah is an Indian politician of BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) currently elected as a Minister of Home Affairs. He is also the President of Bhartiya Janta Party since the year 2014. His birth name is Amit Anilchandra Singh Born on 22 October in the year 1964 (Age 54) in Mumbai in a Gujarati Family.

Political Career:

Amit Shah was always interested in politics. During his college he was a member of a political party of his college (ABVP) After that in the year 1987 he joined BJP and elected as a MLA of the party in Ahmadabad, Gujarat in the year 1997. He joined BJP in the Year 1987 which is one year before Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined BJP. He handles all the strategies of the party and along with that, he is a close aide to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He first became activist of the BJP youth foundation. His occupation in the Party has never decreased he held a lot of positions and improved every time with a greater position. He came into existence by showing off his excellent management skills during the year 1991 working as a campaign manager for Lal Krishna Advani.

About Amit Shah

Amit Shah first met Narendra Modi in the year 1982 during a political campaign of the RSS Circles. Modi was a propagator at that time working for youth activities and shah was a volunteer in the team. Their friendship till now is impeccable. Both of them are taking India on higher levels with a lot of creative ideas and strategies handled by Amit Shah.

Personal Life:

Amit shah got married to Sonal Shah in the year 1987 exactly at the time when he joined BJP. They have a son named Jay Shah. Amit Shah belongs to a baniya family in Mumbai. His father was a businessman in Maharashtra. He was so close to his mother who died in 2010. He has a beautiful family of Six sisters from which 2 are settled abroad in Chicago.