Amit Shah Visited Recently to Telangana for 2019 Elections


Bharatiya Janata Party, with its dominance, is making way into Telangana as the 2019 elections are edging closer. BJP, which was in alliance with the TDP is daring to go solo and garner more seats, almost double of what they had in the current government. BJP’s President, Amit Shah who assumed the helm of BJP in 9th July 2014, made his visit to the Telangana recently on 13th July. Shah met his presence by meeting the BJP senior leaders in Telangana State whom he intends to task for mobilizing and making their way in people to continue with their dominance in the Assembly and Lok Sabha during the next elections.

amit shah visits telangana

Bharatiya Janata Party which has been in existence since 6th April of 1980 seems to be organizing frequent meetings in the Telangana State which will be marked by several public addresses even before the next year elections. Earlier, BJP President made it very clear that the aim of his visit to Telangana is to absolutely create an environment in the ground ahead of the 2019 elections that will ensure that BJP record a double representation when that time comes. In an interview with New 18, Amit Shah said that the aim of the party is to have 60 plus representatives in Lok Sabha.

A closed-door meeting was also held after the public address so as to strategize on the means of boosting the Part-People polarity. BJP is also on the race to claim the Hyderabad seat from the heavyweight Asaduddin Owaisi, who has been the representative for Hyderabad for three times. BJP through their representative Laxman insisted that BJP is boldly winning the seat and even endorsed Modi who is the Prime Minister to claim the seat on behalf of BJP.