AP Elections 2019: INC strategizing to get Andhra Special Status


Indian National Congress lost its power in the last elections not just in the national level but in the state levels too. The party which has served the state of Andhra Pradesh for 10 years before TDP took the responsibility with the help of BJP. The TDP party has recently receded from its alliance with BJP since the party which is in power at the national level has refused to grant special status to the newly formed Andhra State.

That makes Andhra Pradesh a battleground for the most popular parties in existence- TDP which is already in power, Congress which is trying to gain back its power, YSRCP (formed by YS Jagan) which has separated from INC after the death of Congress leader and Jagan’s father YS Rajasekhara Reddy, BJP and Janasena founded by Telugu Actor Pawan Kalyan.

ap elections 2019

BJP which has spread its wings in most of the North Indian states hasn’t been able to set foot in the South Indian states unless it formed an alliance. With the recession of current alliance, the party can now be considered out of the race. YSRCP on the other hand that is being led by YS Jagan, has accrued a huge popularity among the people because of Rajasekhara Reddy. Janasena, a party led by Actor Pawan Kalyan, is also in play this time and it will be a sight to watch his fate.

The Congress on the other hand, in expectation of gaining back the power, has seriously started strategizing and restructuring the party readying it for the next elections. The party in-charge who was in Vijayawada has stated that the party won’t be in alliance with any other in the upcoming elections. The party has made changes in the party from the root level and is planning to establish Booth Level, Mandal Level committees and a coordination committee for all the Assembly constituencies.

The party In-charge Oommen Chandy also stated that it will be starting a door to door campaign where the party leaders and activists meet every family in the state to explain the agenda. He said that the party members and leaders visiting the families will be collecting Re.1 from each family and one day salary of party workers and leaders toward party fund. The party fund as per them will extend the level of cooperation between the party leaders, people, and the activists.

The general secretary of AICC, also said about his plan to organize various seminars and rallies and meeting with all the party leaders to further strategize on the elections. All in all, the Congress is really trying hard for the upcoming 2019 elections. Stay tuned for more updates on 2019 elections in Andhra Pradesh.