Article 370 Revoked – Jammu Kashmir no longer under Special Status


A historic decision to revoke article 370 that grants the state of Jammu and Kashmir a special status was introduced in Rajya Sabha yesterday by Home Minister Amit Shah. The move was unprecedented but gained the support of many leaders (majority party and the opposition) in the Parliament. The state will be bifurcated into two union territories- Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir.

While most of the People all over India were celebrating the fact that “Jammu and Kashmir” was finally a complete part of India, many political leaders and citizens are equally infuriated with the government for this decision. Opposition parties like Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Biju Janata Dal (BJD), and YSR Congress Party (YSR) supported the abrogation of Article 370 while Janata Dal (JD) walked out of the house in opposition.

Article 370 & 35A

Revoking Article 370 took out certain privileges of the local population while granting them some privileges that weren’t present before. Plenty of Gender biased Regulations and policies that separated J & K from rest of India like the partial application of Indian Constitution, a separate Flag, zero reservations for minorities, absence of Right to education, etc., would now be null with the annulment of Article 370 and 35A. The amendment was an obstruction to investors as it did not allow citizens from other states to buy properties in J & K.

With the repudiation of Article 370A, the citizens will now have single citizenship even when a woman marries a person from another state, share the same flag as the rest of the country, enjoy reservations and schemes that central government announces. Celebrations burst across the people of other states as well as among the Kashmiris living in and out of the state. Many popular personalities like Paresh Rawal, Anupam Kher, Vivek Agnihotri, and Politician turned Cricketer Gowtham Gambhir expressed their jubilation and congratulated the government in abolishing Article 370.