Arunachal Pradesh Election Live Updates 2019


The Assembly elections of Arunachal Pradesh will most likely happen in April or May 2019. The BJP ruled state is currently watching BJP MLAs defecting to join Congress reversing the trend from a few years ago. The defecting started at Congress where many from the Congress left the party to join Bharatiya Janata Party. The same is now being observed from BJP to Congress.

From December 2018, 19 Politicians among who a number of prominent leaders, Ministers, and Legislators of BJP have lined up to join Congress. Gegong Apang, a former CM had also quit BJP saying that the party had become a platform to seek power.

Some of the leaders like Rajesh Tacho, from the People’s National party legislators, had quit the party to join BJP but joined Congress instead as the NDA party wasn’t interested in granting him a ticket. An executive member of BJP, Eri Tayu also left the party to join Congress since BJP had rejected a ticket for him.

The Congress Chief of the state, Takam Sanjay had said to the media, “Leaders of all levels are moving away from BJP to join us. People are angry at the ruling party for pushing the Citizenship Bill.”

While there are people like Gegong Apang who left the BJP party because they do not agree with the ideals, many others are seen leaving the party in pursuit of ticket/ power and not because they have a conflict in ideals which must have been the motive. Regardless of the candidate’s motives, Congress seems to be happy with the defectors since they bring in their supporters with them.

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