Arvind Kejriwal wins Delhi Assembly Elections for the third straight time with Flying colors


Delhi Assembly Elections were held a few days ago and Arvind Kejriwal stood victorious for the third time in a row. The man who first contested in the Nation’s Capital elections won the first time but resigned within 49 days. Delhi voted for him again in the 2015 Election and made him the Chief Minister with a record-breaking 67 seats. BJP that had formed government in the Centre in 2015 had received only 3 seats in Delhi.

delhi election results 2020

AAP party services were so appreciated by the Delhi populace that Kejriwal stood victorious again in 2020 with a massive 62 seats, 5 lower than the previous election but a massive majority nevertheless. BJP gained 5 seats more than 2015 elections which took their total number of seats in Delhi to 8. The other biggest National Party- Indian National Congress failed to gain a single seat in both the elections.

2020 Assembly Elections in Delhi were held on 8th February to which a 62.55% voter turnout was recorded. The counting happened on 11th February and by the noon, AAP party was in the lead which continued till the evening. CM Arvind Kejriwal after his historic victory said “I Love you” to the people of Delhi in his brief address to the media.

AAP Party released a manifesto comprising all the promises that the party is going to fulfill if they win in the elections. The manifesto had 28 points in which many points for the development of Delhi like 24-hour water supply, the continuation of free Power, full statehood of Delhi, Jan Lokpal Bill, Round the clock markets, Patriotism lessons in school, compensations to sanitary workers who die during the job, etc.

The victory of Aam Aadmi Party has set a tone for the next elections and had pointed out that people prefer development more than Hate Politics and Empty Promises. This is a revolutionary stand from the people of Delhi and would alter the results in next elections.