Bahujan Samaj Party – Indian Political Party


Bahujan Samaj Party was formed to represent the majority people. The political party was founded in April 14th, 1984. Kanshi Ram founded the party. The main agendas of the political party included protecting the human rights of all the citizens. The political party also advocated for self-respect and affirmative action. Another agenda was promoting social equality and social justice. In the 2014 general election, this was the third most voted for the party although it did not win any seats.

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The primary focus of this political party was to uplift the nations groups that were looked down upon and disregarded in the society. This party fought for the eradication of untouchability. It also fought for the caste system, women’s rights and the amendments in the Hindu families. The party ensured that the rights of peasants and low privileged people were attained. This is because only upper-class Hindus benefited from the Manuwadi system. The main ideology of this political party was to transform the social and economic lives of the people. The party used local heroes, myths, and legends to mobilize glass root Dalits. Therefore, the Dalit intellectuals supported this move. This helped to find more and more materials that would be used in fighting in the rebellion. The main objective of this political party was to keep telling tales about the local heroes, build more and more memorials and organize different celebrations. These stories would be told around repeatedly to build more memories among the people.

The party’s power grew quickly because it garnered more and more seats. In 2007 Bahujan Samaj Party emerged as a single independent party. This was the first party since 1991 to achieve this. The successor of Mayawati will be disclosed once she dies. She has already chosen her successor and written it down in a secret pack.