Baichung Bhutia’s of Hamro Sikkim Party Promises Clean Politics


Former Indian football team captain Baichung Bhutia is all set to fight the Lok Sabhba Elections 2019. Also nick named as the “Sikkim Sniper,” Bhutia had launched his party “Hamro Sikkim Party” (HSP) in May 2018.

Sikkim Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Bhutia says that he has joined politics to give a clean, credible and alternative option to the public of Sikkim. He claims that the existing Sikkim Democratic Front government has failed to ensure even basic development of Sikkim in the past 25 years. The electricity supply is poor despite the state having a power surplus. The youth is unemployed and one out of every six is addicted to drugs. His party wants to grab maximum seats in the sikkim elections 2019. He claims that while on the one hand the leader of the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha is convicted for corruption, there are several allegations against the Sikkim Democratic Front government.

Bhutia had switched to politics two years after his retirement from professional football in 2011. He had joined Mamata Banerjee led TMC in 2013 but resigned from the party last year against the stand of TMC on separate state of Gorkhaland.

“Hamro Sikkim Party” (HSP) has fielded seven candidates including a doctor, a teacher, a former minister and a social worker, to contest the first phase of Sikkim Lok Sabha Elections 2019, scheduled on April 11.

The (HSP) spokesperson Biraj Adhikari claims that his candidates who are young, and have a clean and proven track record in public service will bring in revolution for better in Sikkim politics.

You can watch the Sikkim Election Updates 2019 live through YuppTV. The party has given the slogan of “Naya Sikkim, Hamro Sikkim” (Our Sikkim, New Sikkim). Among several other lucrative promises, Hamro Sikkim Party manifesto promises a payment of ₹18,000 per head every under Sikkimey Samman Yojna. It also promises to make sports compulsory by introducing right to sports in every school of Sikkim.