Bharatiya Janata Party – BJP


The Bharatiya Janata Party (which is abbreviated as BJP) is a political party in India. The BJP exists alongside another major political party making it one of the two major and strongest political parties in India. The BJP is said to have its root to the BJS (which is the Bharatiya Jana Sangh – established 1951). BJS, in turn, called for a strong Hindu culture and so the BJP is also believed to be a pro-Hindu advocate party. Formally, the BJP was established and accomplished in 1980. This came as a result of a split of individuals who disagreed among the coalition (known as Janata).

The BJP (and informally sometimes called BJP party among people) advocate for a retention of the secular Hindu values. It vis-à-vis has the retention of the National Congress (in India) which also advocate for secular ideology. Literally, the BJP is the largest among political parties of India as of 2018 (this is in terms of its representation).

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In 1999, the BJP contested the parliamentary elections after organizing the NDA – National Democratic Alliance. The NDA consist of over 20 parties which are both regional and national. 182 out of the 294 seats which were contested for by the coalition were secured after the coalition. Vajpayee, who was elected as the prime minister would later resign from office after the parliamentary elections of 2004 where a majority of the coalition were lost to the UPA – United Progressive Alliance (a coalition of the Congress Party).

The coalition of the UPA resulted in the reduction of the BJP’s seat to 116 (from 137). However, the BJP would later rise to the forefront and Narendra Modi later chosen as the electoral campaign leader of the BJP. This rise resulted largely from the discontent the BJP has with the rule of the Congress Party. The April, as well as May, polling of that year witnessed a great victory for the BJP (282 seats were won altogether). Also, the BJP boasted of over 100 million members who are duly registered. This claim, thus, makes the BJP the largest political party in the world in terms of primary membership.