Bihar Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Phase III Voting Updates


The third phase of the Bihar Lok Sabha election resulted in 60% of the votes cast on Tuesday, April 23, 2019. The determination of the winners and losers are ongoing. This will be an important show of might among the 82 candidates who demonstrated determination in the campaigns that ended on Sunday. Sarfaraz Alam had an opportunity to wrestle Pradip Singh while Mehbood Ali is expected to battle Mukeshi Sahni from the position camps. Several tough contests are expected once the counting will be completed after May 23.

Bihar Lok Sabha Elections 2019

With the heavy deployment of security, the voting process went on smoothly except for a few disturbances in some of the booths in EVM which had no major implications. The most security reports on Bihar Election updates shows that there are about 46 complaints and 35 arrests in the 9,076 polling stations. Users can get the live updates on Bihar Elections through Yupp TV.

The Phase 3 voting which is also the last is expected to be a hotly contested Bihar Lok Sabha Elections between the NDA and the Congress camps. The preliminary overview of the Bihar election updates shows low voter turn up in Jhansarpur with only 56.96% while Araria and Supaul take the lead with 62.80%. The turn up in Madhepur and Kagaria were 59.12 and 58.83 per cent respectively. While these figures are lower than the phase II Lok Sabha Elections which had an average of 63%, they are relatively higher than phase I which had an average of 53%. In terms of gender participation, the Phase III Bihar Lok Sabha election candidates comprised of 77 males and 5 females. Meanwhile, male voters that took part in the exercise were 46.55 lakh against 42.44 lakh women.

Apparently, the just ended Bihar Lok Sabha elections puts the reputation of the 82 candidates at stake as they wait for their fate on May 23. Finer details are important for users who can get live updates on Bihar elections through Yupp TV.