Biography Nitin Gadkari Indian Political Leader


Nitin Gadkari Indian Political Leader is a minister of the India government. Currently, he is a minister of road transport and highways. The middle name of Nitin Gadkar is Jairam and he is born in 1957, May 27. in Maharashtra state, Nagpur city.

Gadkar used to be president of BJP from 2010 to 2013. He is also known for his work in Maharashtra state as minister of Public works. During this period, a huge number of roads and highways were built. He is a lawyer and industrialist by profession. From 1995 to 1999 he restructured the Public work department as minister of it.

biography of nitin gadkari

Strongly advocated privatization, as well as, private firms needing to get into it. He managed to channel large amounts of money from the budget for privatization. At that point, the government was investing huge money in connecting rural areas.

For the next few years, the goal was to connect remote villages that remained unconnected and inaccessible after India’s independence. He is also credited with helping places with lacking food and lacking medical supplementation.

After receiving the honorary position of National rural development, he presented the plant to the Prime minister of India, Hon. His plan was accepted and a huge sum of money was invested, about 600 billion rupees for connecting rural roads.

Nitin Gadkari Indian Political LeaderĀ has worked in many places throughout his career, which is typical of a politician. His immense success is also reflected in his work on a flyover in Mumbai. He has done great things that have allowed India to have smooth transport and flow. His idea has been clearly expressed throughout his political career. Without hesitation, he worked on the development of the country and advocated such a policy.

It can be said that Gakari is one of the most famous politicians in India and the most responsible for its development.