Biography of Smriti Irani- Indian Politician


Smriti Irani is one of the most famous Politicians in India. She is well known for her acting career more than her political career. She has a strong personality in our Indian constitution. Her scale of achievements is incredible from a Hotel Waitress to a Cabinet minister. Her journey has been inspiring people all across the nation. She achieved incredible higher positions in her political career recently she was a member of parliament the “Rajya Sabha”.

Recently she won loksabha elections this year (2019) against Rahul Gandhi (President of Congress Party). She is a leading Member of BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) working for India since 2003. She joined the party in the year 2003 straight after that she became president of the youth wing in Maharashtra in the year 2004. Apart from that her educational qualification has gone through a lot of complications. Once she said she have not completed her degree in from Open learning Delhi University but in 2014 she said she completed her 3-year degree course after a lot of accusations the court declared that she only have studied Part 1 from Delhi University.

All about Smriti Irani

She was born to a Bengali mother and Punjabi-Maharashtrian father on 23rd March 1976 (46) which shows how beautifully she carries different culture and colors of India. Currently, she is living in Mumbai with her husband “Zubin Irani” and three children. A very surprising fact about Smriti Irani most of the people are unaware that she participated in Miss Indian 1998 but unfortunately wasn’t able to make it out. But her acting career was unbreakable she was awarded for best actor for impeccable performance on Star Plus for more than 5 times.

Her struggle is a huge inspiring journey for every citizen of India. At first, she got rejected for so many TV auditions. Nothing seems to go right in her life at that time. After struggling very hard she did TV breaks at first then her life took an incredible turn when she got a leading role as “Tulsi” in a Hindi Daily Soap “Kyoki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi”. After that, she came into Limelight and break all the records.