Chances of Sachin Pilot to be the Next CM of Rajasthan


Sachin Rajesh Pilot is a 40-year old Indian politician who served in the Indian Parliament as a representative of Ajmer constituency in Rajasthan. He won this seat in 2009 when he ran against Kiran Maheshwari who belonged to the Bharatiya Janata Party. It was a decisive win because Sachin secured 76,000 more votes than Maheshwari did.

In 2014, Sachin ran for this seat again. However, he did not perform as well as he did in 2009. More specifically, Sachin lost to Sanwarlal Jat by 171,983 votes. Jat belonged to the Bharatiya Janata Party. This loss affected Sachin’s political prospects significantly. Many people questioned his contribution to the Indian National Congress (INC) and his viability as the next Rajasthan CM.

sachin pilot

  • Sachin Pilot’s Personal History in the INC

Sachin’s ties to the Indian National Congress are historical because his father, Rajesh Pilot, belonged to the INC as well. Sachin also married Sara Abdullah. Abdullah is the daughter of Farooq Abdullah who is the ex-CM of Jammu and Kashmir. Therefore, Sachin has a rich political heritage that is critical to building coalitions that would benefit the INC.

  • Sachin Pilot’s Political Position in the INC

He helped the INC win the Ajmer constituency seat by 52.59%. That means he has a huge base that is sympathetic to the INC. Even though he lost in 2014, he is still the current president of Pradesh Congress Committee (Rajasthan). That means many INC members still have confidence in him to lead the party in victory across the state of Rajasthan.

  • Sachin as a Viable Rajasthan CM candidate

Ashok Gehlot, a member of the INC, held the position of Rajasthan CM from 1998 to 2003 and from 2008 to 2013. The question now is whether Sachin will succeed Gehlot as the next Rajasthan CM. Who will the INC select after the Rajasthan assembly elections? Recently, Gehlot said that young politicians should wait in line for such a post. Gehlot is 67 years old.

However, many people believe that 40-year-old Sachin is worthy of such a post. He was the youngest MP at 26. He was also the youngest Union Minister. He helped the INC win crucial by-elections this year in addition to the assembly seat for Mandalgarh. These achievements mean that the INC can rally behind for this post.