Chandra Babu Naidu Made A Bold Move To Win AP Elections 2019

Chandrababu Naidu is currently serving for the third time as the Chief-Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He is credited as being the first Chief-Minister of Andhra Pradesh ever since the state was divided in 2014.
Early life in Politics
Hailing from an agricultural family, Naidu always had a connection with the common man of his state where 60 percent of the population is engaged in agriculture and related activities. His political career started in 1978 when he became a Congress member of the Andhra-Pradesh Legislative Assembly. At a very young age of 28, he also became Technical Education & Cinematography minister under T Anjaiah’ government.
He later joined NTR’s Telugu-Desam Party in 1983 when the party swept all the assembly polls. Naidu’s Political status within TDP rose when he supported NTR against NadendlaBhaskara Rao’s rebellion. He rallied the T.D.P MLAs together as well as paraded before the President of India. Soon NTR would be reinstated as the chief-minister of the state.
chandrababu naidu
Chief Minister of Andhra-Pradesh (1995-2004, 2014-till date)
Naidu has always been asserted as the party’s saviour and his chief ministerial achievements are unparalleled. He led some of the progressive actions on the state like Vision 2020 which included low-cost education as well as health care, rural empowerment etc.
He framed plans to turn Hyderabad into an information Technology Hub. A number of his plans were applied to in his eight-year rule. He worked like a CEO, analysing data and improving technology like no-one before his time.
The World Bank was brought in as the advisor and, Foreign leaders approached making Hyderabad the second destination after New Delhi. Several services and IT companies stationed themselves in Hyderabad which was also called “Cyderbad”
However, some of his actions backfired in 2014 elections when he openly stated about Agriculture being not so sustainable and profitable for farmers under the then current conditions. Since the recent exit of TDP from the powerful NDA in 2018, all eyes will now be on the AP elections 2019.
Strategies for A.P Assembly Elections 2019
Naidu has always risked his political career keeping Andhra Pradesh as the main priority and this was seen in his recent exit from NDA. Many see this as an opportunity to garner some minority votes in the state. He had also stressed on giving special category status to his people, funding for its upcoming capital Amaravati and other irrigation projects in Andhra prior to his decision to leave the NDA. However, whether this turns as a boon or curse, we need to wait and watch in the upcoming elections in 2019.