Congress Aspirants Must have 15K FB Likes, 5K twitter Followers to get MP ticket


As the tenure of ruling party is about to end on 7th of January, 2019, Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections will be conducted in 2018 for electing the Legislative Assembly Members of 230 Constituencies.  Even the dates are not been announced yet both the major parties BJP & Congress have tied their knots for the closed combat of the Elections 2018. Both are making their strategies and planning as strong as they could, to avoid any loose end.

congress MP seat

BJP’s wish to continue its ruling count is mostly on the basis of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chuahan’s social welfare and development schemes and admiration among the people of Madhya Pradesh. However, Congress on the contrary will try to use the Dijvijay, Scindia and Kamalnath as the popular region wise face to pursue the masses attraction. But their vital factor is Social media. The Unit of State Congress has clearly declared that tickets will be handed over to the candidates who are active on Social media.

Considering that BJP has a strong foot hold, Congress is trying check on each block level to attain the strength. Also, considering the strong BJP Social media and IT handles, Congress also has now made some clear instructions to its candidate whether it could number of Whatsapp group to spread their messages or it could be setting up criteria for twitter followers.

These norms are applicable not only to each candidate willing for ticket aspirants but also for Congress office bearers and Legislators. There are some strict guidelines to implement the same wherein, the candidate should have an active social media account on both twitter and Facebook, and the person must have at least 15,000 FB likes on their Facebook page and at least 5000 twitter followers. Not only this, but the candidate should like, tweet and retweet for any update done by the Madhya Pradesh Congress twitter handle. Identically goes with the Facebook, they must share and like every post updated by Madhya Pradesh Congress Facebook page. To ensure all this, the ticket aspirants are asked to provide their social media performance details, fulfilling these criteria only a candidate will be considered a social media active person and also for ticket.

This time Congress has built a social media warrior teams to challenge on BJP in this pitched battle of Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections, 2018.