Congress’s promise of SCS might suggest a Political Alliance between Congress and TDP


Congress supported the recent “No-Confidence motion” raised by TDP in the Lok Sabha and passed a resolution that if the party comes to power at the center in 2019, it will grant the Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh. This resolution on a larger scale can affect regional politics in both the Telugu States and the future of Regional Parties. Here’s how.

congress supports tdp

TDP and Congress has a long-standing rivalry in the Telugu states and this kind of alliance if played right, can change the face of Andhra Politics forever. The alliance between BJP and TDP could have gone either way but after BJP declined the special status to Andhra Pradesh which was promised before 2014 elections, TDP has opted out of this allegiance. Now that Congress has promised the same, it may give the idea about the formation a long-term allegiance between BJP and Congress to people. Also such allegiance may earn Congress the power to oppose BJP on a larger scale.

After 2014 elections, BJP almost became an all-powerful government with a relatively weak opposition. The Entire North India has collectively elected BJP and it is only in South Indian states that Congress saw a glimmer of hope as all of them except Kerala had regional parties serving them. Since AIADMK supported the BJP in the No Confidence motion, the chance of allegiance with congress in the upcoming elections is highly unlikely.

The state elections in Karnataka established congress leadership in that state with an alliance with JDS. Among the left-out states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Odisha, Andhra Pradesh is now at an ideal position for the congress to form an alliance. Also, the threat YSRCP poses to the TDP party along with the entry of Film Star Pawan Kalyan into Politics might make TDP incline towards seeking an alliance. But given the history of TDP and Congress in Andhra Pradesh so far, it is close to impossible for both parties to join hands work towards a common goal.