Congress to Announce First List of Candidates for Odisha Elections 2019


Odisha, one of the 29 states of India and the 9th largest state by area will held its next Election in 2019. The Congress announces that they will list out the names of at least 50 candidates for the Odisha Elections 2019 within 15 days. Together with this is the assembly of the newly formed Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) who will be discussing and finalizing the criteria in selecting candidates for the next years’ election. In Odisha, both the state assembly and Lok Sabha will hold the elections.

Odisha Elections 2019Election, the universal tool in selecting representative in our modern time which introduces a fair electoral system is widely anticipated by many countries around the world. Mostly to those people who are politically incline and those who already in the office. For some it is the best time to choose another candidate to support who can
fulfill the broken promises of the previous leader or to choose the one who can continue what has been started.

The news from the Congress will basically update the people of the upcoming elections and to help themselves prepare and reflect who are they going to vote for the office when the names will be rolled out. This is also the time where issue on the state’s basic problems will again be resurfaced. The country who continues to struggle on the lack of quality education in government owned primary schools and high schools. 95% of the children does not have a role model or they don’t have any plans for their future, also the case in their college education. Bribes and corruption, which is also a worldly problem, has played a vital role in the underdevelopment and backward progress of Odisha. They also have lack of Tribal Development, as roughly 22% of the state populations are in tribes. They lack basic goods and with minimum facilities.

Having the list of the candidates announce for the coming election somehow will help the people to know them ahead of time, whoever is best in the office and who will help improve their current situation hoping that they will make a difference.