Everything you need to know about Ashok Gehlot


Hailing from a Jat family, Ashok Gehlot was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi at a tender age which led him to actively take part in social-political work. Holding a degree in economics while being a science and law graduate, Gehlot is surely one of the most educated members of the government. It was Indira Gandhi who first acknowledged his work which later enhanced his stature to be the first state president of the National Student’s Union Of India. With this job responsibility, he successfully organized Congress’s student wing in his state which was the stepping stone to his political career.

ashok gehlot

A member of the Indian National Congress (INC), he was elected the Chief Minister of Rajasthan twice. His tenure from 1998 to 2003 and 2008 to 2013 saw immense development in the state. Ashok Gehlot has been credited with bringing up a precarious government at that time. Implementing several policies and measures to improve the lives of the people in Rajasthan, his impeccable leadership brought in employment opportunities when it was most required.

Considering himself as a simple party worker at all times, his prodigious contributions to the INC are remarkable. Later, appointed as the Congress general secretary-in-charge in 2018, Gehlot has pledged to strengthen Congress for the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections. His stint as the Deputy Union Minister in various sectors brought out his leadership skills in more ways than one. Having been innately principled, he has stuck with the Congress throughout.

The 2019 general elections will have a tough fight between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot competing for the Chief Minister post. With Ashok Gehlot having a number of allegations on him in the recent years, a tough fight is a guarantee. His philanthropic work through Bharat Seva Sansthan is being used to win over people once again. With the Congress party still reeling from a punishing defeat in the previous elections, the question stands at whether Gehlot will change the game and take charge as Chief Minister.