Highlights of Modi’s Speech in the No Confidence Motion Debate


After a spectacular speech delivery by Rahul Gandhi at the no-confidence motion debate, the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi addressed the Lok Sabha countering the allegations made by the opposition. Though the no-confidence motion was defeated by the ruling party, many allegations against them were made by the oppositions to which the PM countered.

Addressing most of the allegations made by the Congress President and leader Rahul Gandhi in the debate, PM Modi started off his speech by speaking about the failures of Congress. After attacking the opposition, calling them pessimistic and accusing them of misleading the public, Mr. Modi replied to the allegation made by the Congress about the injustice happening to the Dalits. He explained that around 18000 Dalit and Adivasi inhabited villages were provided with electricity during their service.

modi speech in no confidence motion

He also retorted to the accusations about their government showing an affinity towards the industries at the cost of farmers. He told the opposition that Rs 80,000 crores have been deposited in more than 32 crores Jan Dhan Bank Accounts, Eight Crore Toilets have been built, the Ujjwala Scheme, Ayushman Bharat Health Insurance Scheme, and Irrigation projects that have been built and questioned them why the Congress couldn’t do all these.

He explained that India has moved to the sixth position in the economy and will continue to do so because of their efforts. Addressing the Telugu Desham Party (TDP), the party which initiated the No Confidence motion, he revealed that the declining of special status was in accordance with the Finance Commission and the government has acted according to their recommendations. He also clarified that the government as an alternative had devised a Special Assistance package which Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had approved but backed out of after facing a backlash from the YSR Congress.

He also accused that it was Congress who has initiated the allowance of multiple loans to NPAs stating that the banks loaned an amount of 18 lakh crore in the 60 years after independence but in between 2008 and 2014 the amount had increased to 52 lakh crores.

The PM’s speech covered all the accusations hurled by Rahul Gandhi but failed to address the major issues like Demonetization, Lynching etc. In a brief note, he had addressed the State governments to take care of such things.