Highlights of Rahul Gandhi Speech in Praja Garjana, Hyderabad


Congress President Rahul Gandhi has addressed the public in Serlingampally on 13th of August as a part of his two-day visit to Hyderabad. The man has delivered a good speech in Serlingampally which emphasized many topics like Black Money promise, Rafale deal that the government had made, loan waivers for industrialists, Demonetization etc. In his half-hour speech, he has managed to address all the prominent matters concerning the nation and the people of Telangana. Here are the highlights of Rahul Gandhi’s speech in Hyderabad for you.

Starting off with the promise of Black money that Narendra Modi had failed to deliver, Rahul Gandhi emphasized that the TRS government had done the same with the promise of double bedroom flats for the people. He then moved on to speaking about the Rafale deal that the government had made recently and indicated that the price of the planes was highly misquoted and the planes that cost around 500 crores had been quoted as 1600 crore.

rahul gandhi speech in Hyderabad

He went on to explain that the deal was taken away from HAL that has been making planes from 70 years and given to Anil Ambani who had never made a plane in his entire life. He also pointed out that the company that the deal went to was made up just 10 days before the deal was signed. He then recollected his speech in the Parliament and said that Narendra Modi failed to make an eye contact whenever he was asked about the Rafale deal.

He then said that Telangana government was behaving the same way by seizing lands of farmers and poor people and not giving them anything in return. He mentioned that there are 1 lakh government job positions that were to be filled and the TRS government failed to fill even 10,000 in their four years of service. He cited that 4000 farmers in Telangana committed suicide in the last four years and that the 10000 crore MSP that has been promised by the NDA government has never been fulfilled.

Describing the NDA government as Rich Man’s government, he then mentioned few more things like Farmer loan waiver that was never delivered by the NDA government but the lakhs of crores of industrialist loans were completely waived by the government. He referred to GST as Gabbar Singh Tax and went on to remind people about Demonetization. Elements like Freedom of Speech, Rapes that happened in UP, Bihar, Communal Violence etc., and the PM’s silence about all these issues were condemned by Rahul Gandhi in his speech.

He concluded his speech that NDA government is spreading hate and that people should concentrate on spreading love which is possible only in the Congress regime.