History of Telangana Rashtra Samithi


Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) party is an Indian political party which was founded on 27th April 2001 by K. Chandrashaker Rao. The party was initially founded by M. Chenna Reddy in 1969. This party was founded on three ideologies: regionalism, economic liberalism, and populism. Its political color is pink.

This party has been steadily rising up the political ladder. In 2004 it won 26 state assembly seats out of 56 contested seats and 5 parliament seats. This is after it formed a coalition with Indian National Congress. This was a big win to the party as it was the first election it participated. It worked with the government up-to September 2006 when it withdrew its support. The party members and leaders felt that the government was not willing to establish Telangana state.

TRS History

When it was clear the government was not going to establish Telangana state the party completely stopped its support. The founder of TRS party pushed for a by-election in Lok Sabha constituency. He emerged the winner because he had received strong majority votes.

In 2008 16 parliamentary seats were declared vacant. This is after the Congress members resigned amid claims that the government was didn’t create a separate state as they had agreed. Out of the contested seats, TRS party won 7 seats. It also won 2 out of 4 positions in loksabha. This was followed by Rao’s urge to resign after he lost several seats in by-elections. He later gave in to his members’ plea to remain in office.

The year 2014 general election marked a new beginning to TRS party. It didn’t go into a coalition with any party, yet it emerged victoriously. It won 11 out of 17 loksabha positions and 63 of 119 legislature seats. This strengthened its support from North Telangana. It also attracted significant support from South Telangana which was Congress’ stronghold. K. Chandrashaker Rao has since taken oath as the first chief minister of the newly created Telangana state.