Humanity Thrives – Donations Fly in After Disaster Strikes in Kerala


The news of Heavy Floods in Kerala has been on our screens from the last few days. The floods took a heavy toll on the human lives as well as the Kerala economy. While more than a quarter of a million people were evacuated, close to 370 people have died due to the floods. Over 5645 relief camps have been opened and it is estimated that 1.2 million people have found refuge in these camps.

The monsoons mostly affected the Ecologically Sensitive zones of Western Ghats. Most of the hilly areas became isolated because of landslides. All five overflow gates of Idukki Dam were opened after a gap of 26 years. 35 out of 42 dams were opened for the first time in the history of Kerala.

52 rescue teams from the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and state governed forces like Kerala Police and Kerala Fire and Rescue Services are currently working towards helping the citizens. Along with the National Disaster Response Force, four additional teams from the districts of Guntur and Arakkonam were deployed to assist in the operations. Thousands of Fishermen from various districts of Kerala are also taking part in the rescue operation along with the official forces.

Many national and international businesses and governments including our Central government have announced donations to the flood-ravaged state. Here are some significant donations from various sources.

  • The Central Government announced Rs 500 crore as a part of the relief fund in addition to the Rs 100 crore announced by the Home Minister days ago.
  • The UAE government has announced a 100 million USD (roughly Rs 700 crore) in assistance of the state.
  • Many UAE based Tycoons and Businesses have donated 2.7 million USD towards the relief fund.
  • Star India, a part of Fox Star has increased its donation to 5 crores from the initial 2 crores.
  • Billionaire Doctor, Entrepreneur, and philanthropist Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil is said to donate 7.3 million USD (Rs 50 crore) by setting up a project to fight housing, education and healthcare issues.
  • Many of the film actors too came forward with significant donations to help with the rescue operations and the rebuilding of the state after.

All the states of India have announced monetary aid to the affected state.

The details are as follows.

State/ Union Territory

Andhra Pradesh ₹10 crore
Arunachal Pradesh ₹3 crore
Assam ₹3 crore
Bihar ₹10 crore
Chhattisgarh ₹3 crore
Delhi ₹10 crore
Gujarat ₹10 crore
Haryana ₹10 crore
Himachal Pradesh ₹5 crore
Jharkhand ₹5 crore
Karnataka ₹10 crore
Madhya Pradesh ₹10 crore
Maharashtra ₹20 crore
Manipur ₹2 crore
Mizoram ₹2 crore
Nagaland ₹1 crore
Odisha ₹10 crore
Puducherry ₹1 crore
Punjab ₹5 crore
Rajasthan ₹10 crore
Tamil Nadu ₹10 crore
Telangana ₹25 crore
Tripura ₹1 crore
Uttar Pradesh ₹15 crore
Uttarakhand ₹5 crore
West Bengal ₹10 crore

The Kerala flood 2018 is considered the biggest since the 1924 floods and has affected the state in ways that take plenty of time to recover. With help flowing in from various sources, the state may be able to recover sooner than expected.