Lok Sabha Election 2019: SP and BSP join hands to form an alliance


Lok Sabha Election 2019 Updates:

Both the SP and BSP might contest for the 37 seats . They will leave 2 seats for RLD and Congress. The other seats will be left for other smaller parties. However, resolutions must be meet before this great announcement. Congress will be left out of the alliance because they have their own policy which seems to be like a-wait-and watch method. The Congress party has not held any discussions with the two parties. Congress believes that they can do better in the elections when alone than when in an alliance, on the basis of previous election results.
lok sabha election 2019
The consequences of the alliance between the two parties may include:
1. Congress will terribly lose votes in the state, meaning that most likely Rahul and Sonia may too lose their seats.
2. BSP and SP may win majority seats in the state, posting a victory of over 40%.
3. All the smaller parties in the state will be crushed.
4. BJP will lose too and be the official opposition party.
5. Anti BJP front will be made weaker and lead to a situation still to be born.
Congress will be left out the alliance because the party believes that the party had regained the lost political grounds in upper caste and some middle of UP. The alliance of SP and BSP could result to Congress votes go to BJP and this will divide the country.
The grand alliance will be a tough nut to crack for the NDA in the upcoming lok sabha election 2019. NDA will be deprived of majority. 44 seats in UP will go SP-BSP while NDA will get a national mark below 272. The NDA is poised for 38% share of votes and UPA with 26%. Prime minister Modi’s fame may slip to 53 % from around 54% previously. Therefore, the SP-BSP alliance will lead to a heated political state in the coming elections in India.