Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections: BJP and INC Candidates


Madya Pradesh Assembly Elections will be held on 28th November 2018. It will be done to elect members in the 230 constituencies. Moreover, it can be said that this election is going to be a direct political battle between Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) and Indian National Congress (INC). If the Shivraj Singh Chauhan wins these elections, it will be a consecutive 4th win for them. The INC is focusing on winning the state after 2003 elections. We are sharing the list of the candidates from both BJP and INC parties. BJP will not be repeating 70-80 candidates out of its 165 MLA candidates. The original list of the candidates is yet to be released.

mp elections

The strategies of both the parties is clear to win the elections. Currently BJP is leading with 43 votes. Therefore, Indian National Congress has to buck up for the elections. As per the vote share, BJP is likely to get 44 percent in the 2018 elections. The congress is projected to grab 77 seats. Moreover, the Bharatiya Janta Party is trying to make sure they use proper strategies to win the elections for the consecutive 4th time. Correspondingly, the Indian National Congress is trying to win the elections for the first time after 2003. Hence, they are planning big in order to win the elections.This election is very crucial for the Indian National Congress party. As the party has been losing the elections for the past 15 years.

The Bharatiya Janta Party is thinking of not repeating 70 to 80 seats in the upcoming elections. The list these repeating candidates is not yet confirmed. The Indian National Congress will also be repeating some candidates. The exact list of which is not yet available. The leaders of both the parties haven’t yet declared the list of the candidates.