Maharashtra CM’s False Promises and Fake Snakes Story


The Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis has recently announced that 72000 job vacancies that have been pending for long will be filled by the government soon. Following that announcement, he stated that 16% of these jobs would be reserved for the Marathas which is constitutionally impossible.

maharsahtra elections 2019

A similar kind of promise was made by the Prithviraj Chavan weeks before the election to buy time and votes. The BJP too had promised the same in their manifesto for the same reasons, but the Maratha groups held onto it since the party had won and established their government. So, the CM had to set up a committee and present its recommendations to the court which was in progress despite the reminders from the Bombay High Court.

Ekadashi was celebrated in Maharashtra with pilgrims walking towards Pandharpur in Solapur district where they offer their honors to Lord Vishnu. It is customary that the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to lead the puja and pray for the state and its people. This tradition which was highly important for the people was always performed by the chief ministers of Maharashtra irrelevant to the party they belonged.

However, this time, after being threatened by the Marathas that they would disrupt his entry into the temple, the CM canceled his trip by stating that he received threats that the Marathas would release snakes to disrupt his entry. This issue did not go well with the people and other groups especially since the CM had Z plus security guarding him.

These incidents have put the party at a place where the CM was branded a coward and the people no longer trusted him to lead. The false promises of reservations and the cancellation of the customary trip to the Temple became setbacks for the BJP party in Maharashtra and can affect the results in the Maharashtra elections 2019. Maharashtra CM’s False Promises and Fake Snakes Story