Mizoram Assembly Elections 2018 Live


Mizoram Elections 2018 are scheduled on 28th November 2018 by the Election Commission of India. The relevant dates for the elections have been announced recently. The dates for nominations are 02nd of November to 9th of November and the results will be announced on 11th December 2018.

MIZORAM Assembly Election 2018 live

Mizoram is currently under the leadership of Lal Thanhwala of INC who hold the majority of 34 seats. The second strongest party in Mizoram is MNF that had recently merged with NDA. The party is led by Zoramthanga and it holds 5 seats of the total 40. Since only 21 seats are required for any party in Mizoram to acquire majority and establish a government, the state’s elections are going to be as exciting as any.

Many small parties like ZEM (Zoram Exodus Movement), ZN (Zoram Nationalist party), PRISM (People’s Representation for Identity and Status Mizoram) exist in the opposition. Though the Indian National Congress has a longstanding leadership in the state, BJP is trying to make its way into the state with the help of Regional Parties. Another development in the state’s politics is that a top leader from the Congress party had recently resigned from the party and joined BJP. This might be a blow to the Congress party in Mizoram state and can affect the vote share by the parties.

MNF though had acquired lesser Assembly seats in the previous elections, it’s leader Zoramthanga had been the CM of the state for a span of 10 years. Though the media had predicted that the battle this year will be between Congress and MNF, the recent developments in BJP might alter the final results.

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