Naidu clarifies his stand- TDP won’t be joining NDA in 2019 Elections


Following Saturday’s No Confidence motion in Lok Sabha, Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister clarified his stand that he won’t be joining hands with the NDA party in the upcoming elections. The party which had joined the NDA party in 2014 elections and has been demanding the grant of special status to Andhra Pradesh ever since the separation of Telangana.

2019 elections

TDP has raised a No-Confidence motion in Lok Sabha as the NDA government denied the request of granting special status to Andhra Pradesh. Naidu said that Four years of wait has been too much for Andhra Pradesh. He said, “If the state hasn’t received any justice in the course of four years, how can they expect that again?”

Speaking about the no-confidence motion, Naidu has said that it is a battle of Morality versus Majority. While he thanked the oppositions for supporting the motion the motion was defeated by the NDA government after a rigorous debate of nearly 12 hours.

NDA government has denied the special status to Andhra Pradesh stating that it cannot be granted to the state as the Fourteenth Finance Commission does not allow it. Retorting to the comment Mr. Naidu said that FFC doesn’t have any role it and asked not to drag them into it. He also said that it is the government that had to take a call.

Union Minister Arun Jaitley was also attacked by the Chief Minister for denying the special status to Andhra Pradesh but extending the same to the Northeastern States. The TDP leader also remarked about Modi’s comparison of him with Telangana’s Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhara Rao as being competent, by saying that he is senior to the PM himself as he was the one who became the Chief Minister in 1995 and Modi took the chair in 2001.