All You Need to Know About Rahul Gandhi INC President


Rahul Gandhi is an Indian Politician who is currently serving as a member of Parliament representing Amethi constituency. He is also the President of the Indian National-Congress.

Early life

Born on 19th June 1970 to Sonia Gandhi and the late Rajiv Gandhi who was the former Prime Minister of India, Rahul Gandhi stayed away from the public light during his childhood and early youth. He completed his B.A. from the Rollins-College in Florida and went on to obtain an M.Phil. from Trinity College, Cambridge.

Political years 

He made his first foray into the world of politics as a political successor of the Gandhi family, contesting in the general elections of 2004 for Amethi constituency of Uttar Pradesh. But his party was doing poorly at this point of time and instead, many considered his sister Priyanka Gandhi to be more appealing and more electable’’.  He was later appointed as the General Secretary of the All India-Congress Committee in September 2007. In 2008, Senior Congress leaders considered elevating his status among the youth population of India, as their Prime Minister. However, most of these ideas did not produce concrete results. He won his constituency again in 2009 general elections. Later in 2013, he was made the Vice-President of the party.

rahul gandi INC president

Rahul Gandhi – President of Indian National Congress 

2014 General Elections Congress Vice-President again won a seat at Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, this time by a margin of 1,07,903 votes in 2014 Lok Sabha elections despite the tough competition from Aam-Aadmi Party’s Kumar Vishwas and the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Smrithi Irani.   Gandhi’s win gave him a strong status in the Indian politics. But the media reported that Rahul Gandhi did not work for the betterment of education, health, roads and sanitary condition. The win was a result of the Gandhi family’s support to the people of Amethi for over 40 years.

Post-Election Farmers’ Agitation

Gandhi directed the farmers and the worker’s rally – Kisan Khet-Mazdoor, where he made references to his agitations in Niyamagiri in Orissa as well as Bhatta- Parasaul in Greater Noida. Here, he also denounced the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi about his comment in Toronto where he said he was cleaning up the mess that was created by previous governments. The Congress party has decided to nominate Rahul Gandhi as their Prime Ministerial candidate for 2019 general elections. Whether he succeeds or not is left to the people of India to decide