NRC Assam says Voting Rights of people not in the list can be taken away


NRC- National Register of Citizens is a document prepared in 1951, that comprises the names of all the people residing in the state of Assam in North East part of India. Aimed at weeding out the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and other neighboring nations, a list with updated names has been released by them in January 2018 and it contained 1.9 crore people of the total population of 3.29 crore. This has again been updated to include another 1 crore people in July and this list contains 2.8 crore names on the whole.


After the release of this list, it has been stated that those who did not make the list be it in terms of citizenship or entitlement to government schemes or benefits, might not be able to vote in the upcoming elections. The Former legal advisor to the EC has expressed his view that any person whose name is not on the list can be classified as a D-Voter (Doubtful Voter). The Home Ministry, on the other hand, has made it clear that only a foreign tribunal can declare a person foreigner. Speaking on the issue, A senior EC functionary said that the status of those people left out of the NRC list as a voter has to be reviewed but the decision to disenfranchise or revoke the citizenship status would be left to the foreign tribunal and subsequent courts of appeal.

Allegations were already being made that the exercise was targeted towards a certain community, but officials clarified that it was completely a secular exercise. It was an application-based process which compelled every undocumented citizen to submit adequate proof for his citizenship. Nearly 40 lakh persons were left out in the NRC draft and the claims and objections must be filed within a month i.e., between 30th August to 28th September 2018. The NRC updation is said to be completed by December 31st, 2018.