Rahul Gandhi’s Emotional Connect with Wayanad


Do you know that the President of one of the oldest Party (Indian National Congress) have an emotional connection with Wayanad. The thrill and excitement of Rahul Gandhi in his trip in Wayanad was a clear illustration that he is having a legit emotional connection with the Lok Sabha constituency of Wayanad situated in Kerala. It’s a matter of great surprise that besides his familiar constituency of Amethi, he is going to contest elections in Wayanad in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019.

Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Wayanad is a beautiful city with mountains, rivers, and a very rich culture. It is also important politically since it can provide 129 seats to a party. Rahul Gandhi on his visit to Wayanad said that he will protect the culture and heritage of the country from the current Prime Minister. A Powerful magnet of 129 seats might attract him, but there has to be something more important, something more emotional. While Exploring the history of Indian Politics on the Pages of Wayanad we get to know that the ashes of his father and also the former Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was brought here to immerse in papanasini which is a stream connected to the temple of Lord Mahavishnu. Also to mention that the rituals were performed in 1991 and the then Chief Minister K Karunakaran himself was present in the ritual of immersing the ashes. The reason is itself a complete definition of his emotional connection and thus the Congress leaders in their statement said that Rahul Gandhi is most likely to offer prayers when he will visit Wayanad the next time. The Ashes of Rajiv Gandhi was immersed in Papanasini because the officials of the temple said that immersing the ashes in this river is equivalent to Ganga which is a very holy river for Hindus. While Papanasini itself is defined as the destroyer of all the sins, Thus it became an important river for the people of Wayanad.

Rahul Gandhi filed his nomination for the constituency of the city of Kambala, Karimala and Varadiga peaks on Thursday with a hope to win the upcoming elections. Not only Rahul Gandhi but each and every leader in India is staring at the Lok Sabha elections 2019. Now on the same note, everyone wants the Lok Sabha updates on their hand which is possible through YuppTV. You can see the Lok Sabha elections live on your handheld devices. Rahul Gandhi accompanied by his Sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and senior leaders of Congress to mention Mukul Wasnik and KC Venugopal submitted the papers in the district headquarters to the district Collector Mr. A.R Ajaykumar.