Rahul Gandhi visits Odisha in August- Here’s what he is planning to do


Rahul Gandhi– the president of INC is planning to visit the state of Odisha in August and this is the first time he is touring to Odisha after Niranjan Patnaik took the leadership of Odisha Pradesh Congress from Prasad Harichandran. The visit is planned to be after 20th of August and Rahul Gandhi is planning to meet all the senior leaders and the workers at the grass root level to boost the morale of the party in planning for the upcoming elections.

rahul visit to odisha

Odisha, currently being led by Biju Janata Dal is a playground ripe for battle in the 2019 elections and the aggressive manner in which Naveen Patnaik is preparing for the elections is troublesome for every major party in the state. The Congress is initiating measures to strengthen the party from the block level and word is that a decision was taken to appoint a senior leader in charge of each district in Odisha to fight the elections successfully.

The BJP, following a similar strategy, is also undergoing restructuration after the Narendra Modi’s visit to the state. Follow the blog to know more about the Odisha 2019 Election Updates.