The “No Confidence” Motion debate can be framed as the turning point in opposition leader and Indian National Congress’s President Rahul Gandhi’s Political Career. For the first time in Ages, the whole of parliamentary and the people of India have seen the leader in Rahul Gandhi. The Prime Minister himself was dumbfounded by the Rahul Gandhi’s speech as he delivered it with the right rhythm leading up to an act where he hugged the PM which surprised many in the Lok Sabha.

Rahul Gandhi, in his one-hour speech, spoke about many issues that BJP failed to attend to. He also talked about transforming the party’s fear, anger, and hate into love. Political analysts reviewed that his speech, was of the right mix of emotions like anger and love and it made it sound fully authentic. Rahul Gandhi in his speech portrayed that he himself is a Hindu but Congress’s ideology is very different from BJP’s Hindutva culture. He made it clear that the religion was about love and though the BJP leaders hurl abuse him and call him names, he would love them and teach them about love.

no confidence motion

Speaking about the BJP’s cries about writing off the loans of farmers, he stated that the party displayed no apprehension to write off a 2.5 lakh crore loan of industrialists. He scored quite a few points when he talked how BJP made promises it never intended to keep. He questioned the government about the 15-lakh crores that BJP has promised to deposit in every Indian’s account. He also reminded about Modi’s promise of two crore jobs that are seen to be nowhere.

While telling people about the hollowness in BJP claims of Nationalism, Rahul Gandhi pointed out the fear that the NDA government raises in people. The increase of lynching and the attacks against Dalits and Muslims, he said are a result of this fear. By the end of the speech, Rahul Gandhi emphasized of the fact that the BJP party leaders are full of anger and hate and that they would berate him as Pappu but told everyone that he had nothing but love to offer. He went up to Modi and hugged him as a gesture of this love which had won the hearts of many in the nation.