Rajasthan Election 2018 Updates


The shockwave received by the BJP after the By-Polls in February, both BJP and Congress are carefully making their movies to strengthen their positions in Rajasthan. The BJP underwent massive changes intrinsically and made way for better candidates accordingly and the Congress too is trying to form alliances with the regional parties strengthening its presence in the BJP ruled state.

Though a possible alliance between Congress has been indicated after the By polls, the Congress senior leaders expressed their concern that the Congress party would not gain much with this alliance in Rajasthan as BSP possesses less than 3% of vote share. Another concern was that BSP has always been giving party tickets to Rebel leaders and a last-minute alliance with them might give the idea that they are being undermined to Congress leaders.

rajasthan election updates 2018

The final decision was left to the high command though since the alliance is not confined to Rajasthan. A similar decision has been taken to form an alliance between Congress and BSP in MP and Madhya Pradesh too which would be crucial to the Congress party in the upcoming elections.

The BJP government too in its preparations to counter Congress is making decisions that are in party’s best concern. Amit Shah who has visited Rajasthan recently and Vasundhara Raje, the current CM of Rajasthan has been made the face of the party. The discussions between both about whom should get the party tickets have shown that Raje has her own strategy for the elections. Vasundhara Raje has rejected many names for the state unit Chief proposed by BJP President Amit Shah.

It also seems that BJP is playing the caste card in the Rajasthan mimicking the Congress party to strengthen itself. The party had made Madanlal Saini Unit Chief who belongs to the same caste as Congress Chief Ministerial candidate Ashok Gehlot. BJP also inducted Kirodilal Meena and abruptly gave him Rajya Sabha seat as a part of its outreach.

These moves by Congress and BJP in Rajasthan confirm the fact that the battle is going to be brutal. And the intense preparations are due to the fact that the results might impact the party’s position at a national level. Stay tuned for more of Rajasthan Election Updates 2018.