Rajasthan Political News: Vasundhara Raje made the face of BJP


Amit Shah, The President of BJP, announced that Vasundhara Raje, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan will be the face of BJP in the 2019 elections. Since the senior party leaders share the opinion that BJP possesses a slim chance of winning in the next elections, the critiques say that putting her as the face of a party that is going to lose is a strategical way to put her out of future contention.

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However, the leader doesn’t look to back away without a serious fight and this became evident as she opposed all the names that were proposed for the state unit chief ultimately finalizing on a non-controversial leader Madanlal Saini. The 65-year-old chief minister was said to be planning to put party state leaders in their place too alongside fighting the Congress in the elections. Though BJP is concerned that these inner party disputes might cost the elections in 2019 the BJP leader is strategizing well in order to win the elections.

Caste politics while a common thing everywhere, the BJP is making it quite obvious in Rajasthan. The selection of Madanlal Saini who is from OBC caste serves as proof that BJP is using the Caste Politics as he is of the same caste as Congress Chief Ministerial candidate Ashok Gehlot. Another leader Kirodilal Meena was also inducted into the party and given a Rajya Sabha seat promptly as a part of the outreach just as the face of Congress Sachin Pilot. BJP wasn’t as much supported by the Brahmins in the Alwar and Ajmer by polls as it was said that they were disappointed by its leadership. Considering this Amit Shah wanted to appoint a Rajput leader Gajendra Shekhawat as State Unit Chief. This proposition was also opposed by Raje.

The Alwar Mob Lynching is another issue that has divided the BJP. While the leaders like Vasundhara Raje, Rajyavardhan Rathore condemned the act, some politicians like Arjun Ram Meghwal, Gyan Dev Ahuja made some remarks that are going to cost the BJP Party some more.