Recent Trends in Indian Politics


The constitution of India is the world’s biggest democratic country in the world. It was adopted in 1949 and was enacted on 26th January 1950. Its declaration declared India a preamble sovereign democratic republic. It ensured the equal provision of justice, equality, liberty, and fraternity.

In 1976, two words secular and social were added to the 42nd amendment of the constitution. India then became a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic. Even then, the politics were still oppressive and timid because most of the Indians were illiterate. For this reason, most of the beliefs are unorthodox and superstitious. Over the years, however, things have changed in India. Here are some of the recent trends in Indian politics.

recent trends in indian politics


To begin with, today, more than 70% of the voters in India are educated. They are therefore forming groups of successful and highly educated people who are taking part in the electoral process. They are also putting pressure on the government to do better.

Civil society groups are also being formed on a large scale. These elite groups are great because they allow citizens to know when their leaders are not doing the jobs they are supposed to do. This has allowed the political system to improve automatically because leaders are now more accountable for their actions. Taxpayers also know their rights and how to get them.


While there are great political changes, there are also instances where politicians misuse these electoral bodies. Political parties in India today are solely concentrated on winning elections and are even willing to pay to get to the top. Values, morality, and ethics are comprised with to ensure that they win the elections.

The latest trends in Indian politics also show that the selfishness that is rampant in the electoral bodies has promoted communism, sectarianism, and regionalism. Above everything, people now tend to believe that muscle power and money are what they need to get what they want both in business and in their personal lives. It is sad to realize that these habits have weakened Indian politics.

People have also accepted that this is the way things need to be done. Therefore, while there are few leaders who want to do a great job for their people, their hands are tied by the many corrupt leaders who are already in the government.

The Party System

Political parties are what define the political life of a country. Today, the country is shifting from one party dominance to a multi-party system. This is great news because people are now learning how the government works. Many opposition parties bring to light corruption and other unethical conducts by the government. They help people get more enlightened and educated about their rights.