Remembering the Iron Lady Indira Gandhi on Her 101st Birth Anniversary


Indira Gandhi 101st Birth AnniversaryThe Iron Lady! Indira Gandhi, the powerful daughter of India and the maker of history, whose 101st birth anniversary is celebrated today has left a remarkable legacy that will forever be remembered by people of India and the world at large.

She led a prominent and eventful days of her life until her assassination. Rising to power she was a doting mother, fashion icon and a wily politician. Her name was used in describing a strong Man due to her firmness in dealing with matters she deemed important. Hence the name Iron Lady which dominated the airwaves in Indian since 1970s.

Indira Gandhi was born as the only daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, who was one of the chief figures in India who fought for independence from the British government.

In 1942 she got married to Feroze Gandhi who later died in 1960. She had two children with him during their stay together.

Due to the absence of her mother who died in mid – 1930s Indira had to act as her father’s hostess and accompanied him in various political events.

Her father took power in the year 1947, she was made a member of the Rajya Sabha (upper chamber of Indian Parliament) in 1964. She was also named as the minister of information and broadcasting in Lal Bahadar Shastri government.

In 1966 due to sudden demise of the Prime Minister Lal Bahadar Shastri’s, Indira Gandhi was named as the leader of congress party, therefore, becoming the Prime Minister for India.

Despite the challenges she faced from her competitors, she rose through the rank and was able to get the support of the majority leaders in India.

She strongly supported the Pakistan succession conflict in late 1971 and India armed forces were able to achieve decisive victory over Pakistan under her command, which resulted to development of Bangladesh as a recognized country.

In her period in power she was able to command a number of victories and success. She was able to enact policies and laws that did go well with her opponents.

She later died in 1984 believed to be murdered by men who were hired to protect her. Her legacy still remains, and she changed the India national history and course. She will be remembered forever.