All About Sikkim Democratic Front Political Party


The Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) Political Party dates inception back in 1993. Pawan Kumar Chamling founded SDF 4th March 1993 based on a political spirit of democratic socialism, which relates to the principles of the reformist and evolutionary tussles of socialism in Sikkim, and is validly recognized by the Election Commission as a State Party.

Sikkim Democratic Front

SDF is the largest political party in Sikkim State which has for long fought for social and economic situations that are among the residents of the Sikkim. Since its inception, SDF has remained the dominant party to date.

Organization of SDF

SDF at the top of the hierarchy is led by a Chairperson, Pawan Kumar Chamling. The Party is also made up of Lok Sabha leaders and Rajya Sabha leaders who are elected by the people of Sikkim during the Assembly

Sikkim Democratic Front is made up of organizational wings; Labour, Youth, Students, Women, Ex-servicemen, Traders, Drivers, Scheduled Tribe Welfare and Scheduled Caste Welfare wing.

The Party is symbolized by the Umbrella, made up of three colour; yellow, red and blue. The Umbrella also has a black and white handle. The three colour were selected to stand for the party stance and the political ideas which are propelled by the leaders elected to serve in respective positions.

The 2019 Assembly Elections:

The Sikkim Democratic Front is preparing to continue with their dominance in the Sikkim States despite looming opposition.

Sikkim Nationalist People’s Party President challenged SDF under the leadership of Pawan Kumar to step aside for new leadership. SNPP accused SDF of several controversial conditions in their leadership. SNPP while making their address early this year announced that they will be contesting for assembly elections in a bid to represent the interest of the residents of Sikkim State. SNPP President Biraj urged the residents of Sikkim to help SNPP formulate vision document that will be the basis of their service.