The Secret on Lal Thanhawla Political Journey


Though Lal Thanhawla began his humble life in May 1942 when he was born and then to his career in the office as a recorder, politics was deeply part of him. He is a current chief minister of Mizoram state. The role that he played as a recorder was under the control of the Inspection of schools office. Much has changed in his life and today it’s difficult to talk about him without the mention of politics in India. His political life stated immediately after he was released from the jail when he joined active politic under the party of Indian National Congress.

about Lal Thanhawla

He naturally won the support that was needed in his early life in politics and was elected in the Aizawl District as the chief organizer. The turning point came in 1973 when he was now elected president taking over Congress Committee of Mizoram Pradesh a position he has retained ever since.

Lal Thanhawla was influential during his leadership a matter that was evident in the 1984 elections when the party he was leading swept the state. He became the chief minister until the time MNF and India signed the peace accord when he stepped down from his position as a chief minister which was part of the negotiations.
The profile that Lal Thanhawla has in India today is purely under his political life where he has retained major positions for decades now. In all his political moves, Lal Thanhawla is recorded to have lost only once in 1998 but reclaimed the position in 2003.

He got major recognition in 2013 when through his leadership in the Congress party out of the 40 seats for the legislative assembly they won 34 missing out only 6 to the oppositions. In fact, those who were born after 1966 know nothing much about Lal Thanhawla apart from his politics in India. Today he is seen as a world icon when it comes to politics a matter that makes Lal Thanhawla one of the professors in politics by action.