Third Front is forming before the Rajasthan Assembly Elections


The Rajasthan assembly elections will take place soon. It is set to be held in 7th of December 2018. Things though are not particularly running smoothly as there is a wave taking charge. The elections are hotly contested.

There is an alliance forged by the parties on the Left. The alliance is among three parties; we have the Rashtriya Lok Dal party, the Janata Dal and the Samajwadi Party. More parties and also joining the alliance. They are particularly concerned with preventing the BJP state and the Congress.

third front

Things are happening too fast on the other side. In fact, the third front is now taking shape just before the assembly elections. The leader Hanuman Beniwal is dedicated to having a rally just towards the end of October. It will be on 29th. This is the stage in which he will officially talk of the coming political party. This rally is anticipated to be held in Mansarovar. Preparation is ongoing.

On the other hand, Beniwal and Ghanshyam are undergoing a series of talks. They are expecting a breakthrough too. Beniwal is in good terms with the youths and Tiwari is concerned with getting over 7% of the votes in the Brahmins. According to the two, they already have a better bargaining power to start with.

DH Deve Gowda who formerly held the office of the prime minister recently talked of the Rajasthan Loktantrik Morcha commonly known as RLM. This boasts another remarkable force. It has four parties of the Left. These are the Communist Party of India – the Marxist, Communist Party of India- the Marxist-Leninist, the Communist Party of India and finally the Marxist Communist Party of India – the United. As if that is not enough, they also house the JDs, the SP, and the RLD.

BJP and Congress are both against the emerging third front. Recently, they were seen trying to take credit on the fact that they are the ones who advocated for the interest of the farmers.