Trinamool Leaders Use New Logo Ahead of West Bengal Lok Sabha Elections 2019


Following Mamata Banerjee’s 21 year old break out from the ruling CPI(M) and forming TMC which represents Trinamool Congress; TMC, a few days ago announced the removal of ‘congress’ from the party name and would henceforth be referred to as just Trinamool, which translates to a party that belongs to you, me and all of Bengal.

West Bengal Elections 2019

The announcement was made just a few weeks to the West Bengal Lok Sabha 2019 elections. It is not clear why Mamata Banerjee who is currently the West Bengal chief minister and other top party leaders took a decision to remove the ‘congress’ from the party logo and other print materials. We’ll certainly keep you updated with more details with regard to this new development.

Although the party is still registered in the Election Commission as Trinamool Congress, the party has gone ahead to remove the Congress from all its publicly printed materials including posters, handbills, banners, and on social media platforms including the official party Twitter and Facebook pages and the pages of some other top party leaders like Derek O Brien, currently the party’s leader in Rajya Sabha, Abhishek Banerjee, the minister’s nephew, etc. They’ve also taken it off their website and every other form of communication. TMC’s new logo comes with a new design, with the Trinamool letters now written in green, they also include twin white colored flowers with a thick black outline and blue background. One of the Trinamool’s party leaders said that it was time for a change.

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