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A hasty divorce has always been a controversial subject. The Triple Talaq Bill Passed by Parliament is going to put a stop to that practice. Muslim culture once allowed a man to divorce his wife with three short condemnations. The Triple Talaq Bill Passed by Parliament is a modern attempt to curb that practice. India still maintains a large Muslim community to today. That represents a growing threat to the rights of married women. These women fear that they may be divorced by a simple text message. The new law has addressed these concerns and provided new measures of protection for these women.

First, divorced women are entitled to financial support for their children. The Triple Talaq Bill Passed by Parliament has included that provision as part of the new law. India wants to maintain rights for married women in all circumstances. The bill is now set to go to the desk of President Ram Nath Kovind. With his assent, the bill is set to become law in India. Observers point out that many neighboring Muslim countries have added these laws to their books. There is a precedent for the Triple Talaq Bill Passed by Parliament. India hopes that it can move on from the barbaric practice of the Triple Talaq.

triple Talaq Bill in Rajya Sabha

The law prescribes two specific waiting periods of three months until divorce is approved. That provides both parties time to consider their options as the divorce moves forward. Modern technology like smartphones could have made it possible to text a divorce request. That kind of fast-paced divorce proceeding is frowned upon by many in the country. Muslim practitioners will have to find a new way to enact a divorce. The Triple Talaq Bill Passed by Parliament also laid down the groundwork for punishing the practice. Punishments for the Triple Talaq are now effective as of September 2019.

Up to three years in jail is a typical punishment for the crime. The triple Talaq is now being phased out in India entirely. The Triple Talaq Bill Passed by Parliament includes divorce proceedings conducted over the phone. Modern technology is making its way into India today. Now the law is equipped with handling the influence of modern tech on barbaric customers. Muslim populations are divided over the Triple Talaq Bill Passed by Parliament. The law affects their culture and they are enraptured by it. But the law is accepted by some sects of Muslims in India.